The Indian Returns is a platform to help you adjust to all the changes you will be facing, once you move back to India. Be it a temporary or permanent move, that’s your personal choice. We are no one to decide for you, but what we are here for is to help you figure out the answers. Browsing for some information on the web, and figuring out where can I find a one-stop solution?  I have personally seen a few of my close friends, and family members return back to India. And I know how much thought process it takes. Be it career-related, family, or lifestyle issues, we aim to provide you all these resources and learn from people with similar experiences. Hopefully, this platform will help you get started. And lastly, trust the process, if you have landed in some situation it’s meant to be! 

A little sneak peak about me

I am a recent MBA graduate from the University of Pittsburgh, always wanted to do something different in life. But was afraid of the thought “Log Kya Kahenge”? Especially, being a young middle-class Indian girl. I believe we as women have more power than we know, so if you are reading this, thank you for supporting my little venture!