Hemant Mohapatra has completed his engineering from IIT Bombay, and MBA from Cambridge University. He also has an MS from the University of Cincinnati, worked in Google, AMD, and multiple other ventures.

What were you doing back in the US?

Working in enterprise engineering, product, and venture capital at AMD, Google, and Andreessen Horowitz. With everything going well what changed? He always felt a connection with the Indian startup ecosystem and ended up moving to India in 2018 and joined Lightspeed India. Let’s hear about the transition, in his own words.

“Living in India is just. plain. awesome! Family, friends, hospitality, tourism (in/around SE Asia), and the overall quality of life (subjectively) is much higher for me here. There are challenges that are apparent (traffic) and inherent (pollution) but both solvable.”

What are you doing now?

1) He talks about his journey in more detail in the following article. You can also look at his Return to India framework, where he uses parameters that will help in moving back to India easier.


2) Hemant talks about his startup experiences, Venture Investing experiences in India and the US. Do check out his video:


3) Apart from all this, he is a successful poet, he has featured in the 2011 Best New Poets series distributed by the University of Virginia Press. You can have a look at his poems:


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