Nupur Dave is an Ex-Googler, author of the book Back Home, and an NRI Consultant. In her free time, she helps people who are looking back to move home whether they should take this decision or not. Based on her personal experiences she has authored the book Back Home, where she talks about the people on the other side of the fence.

What were you doing back in the US?

Working as a Program Manager in one of the best Tech Giants Google for over a decade. Seems a sorted life, maybe? But once she moved back, was the transition easy? After moving back from America, my immediate changes were so noticeable– increase in sleep, increase in calm, and a subsequent increase in weight too 🙂

What are you doing now?

1) Successfully published an emotional guide for Indians thinking of moving back. Do check the link for her book:

2) Helps other NRI’s with the tough choice of moving back easier and provides NRI consulting, all you need to is book a session with her and walk out with clarity and confidence.

3) Regularly posts YouTube videos about the cultural differences in the US vs India. One of the videos I liked is Loneliness in the US vs India for NRIs

4) Also, she is working full-time at epifi. You can connect with her on LinkedIn for any professional help.

Stay tuned, for more inspiring stories, and connect with us if you would like to share your personal experiences!

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